On doing what it takes

I’ve fallen into a trap many times.
This trap I speak of is one that only a recovering perfectionist like myself could fall into.

Current State of affairs: There are oodles of perfectionists out there, many of which who won’t admit it, many of which who are afraid to let it go and many of which who, definitely, are not recovering.
There’s actually, somewhere in each and every one of us, some version of a perfectionist. The level you act on it lines right up with the level at which you choose to love yourself.

Promise <—- you have my word that’s what’s so.

I start this entry with that statement so we can all agree to honor ourselves and listen from healing.

we’ve acknowledged you, ms or mr perfectionist, you don’t have to get all loud and override the other side of him or her that’s reading…we see you, OK?

We begin…

real not perfect

Most often “doing what it takes” coincides with some empowerment for success or some commercial for Gatorade or Under Armor —- Super coaching for WINNING!!!!!
That IS doing what it takes.
It is.
It’s meant to inspire you, encourage you, and make you feel supported to go out there and get what you want.

You don’t hear it as encouragement.

Granted, there are many people who need a push and coaching and to be “herded” (which usually occurs like what herding a bunch of cats would look like), to actually show up and do what they say they are going to do.
Those people need that “do what it takes” inspiration.

This is not about that.

This is about “doing what it takes” to heal, honor, respect and love yourself.

Here’s the deal.

Woody Allen got quoted once. He said “80% of success is showing up”.

He’s probably right, or close, I’d beg to guess it’s closer to 95%.

This is what you don’t get:
The reason why it’s 80-95?
Because about 99% of people don’t show up.
Seriously, they just don’t.

It’s not a “bad” thing.
It’s not a judgment.
It’s just the way it is.

I’m into begging to guess today. So, here’s my second guess – if you are really reading this post with your fullest attention, you’re part of the 1% who does.

You show up.
You do your due diligence.
You put your best foot forward.
You get it done.

And when you don’t, you are the sorriest, most apologetic, self-deprecating person, in that moment, on this earth.

FYI: people know you show up. They can’t deny it. They aren’t giving up on you. They aren’t leaving. They aren’t even disappointed (well, unless they’re pretending to be intimidated by you and looking for something to bring you down to the level they think they are on).
All that giving up, leaving, and being disappointed that you think of others, that’s YOU giving up, abandoning and disappointing yourself.

This is where you join the
“no show”-ers.

You don’t show up for yourself.

Knock it off.

You’re amazing.
Really, you are.

Get that.

I’m not typing it again.

You’re going to do every last thing you say you’ll do.

How about adding loving yourself, in every moment, to that list?

If you’re late, honor yourself by looking to see where you’re overextending yourself or getting stuck losing time practicing negative self talk.

If you forget, soothe yourself and set yourself up with a reminder so you get to remember next time and show up as yourself, not this angsty aggressive forceful thing you become behind closed doors…when you’re talking to yourself.

If you don’t “get it right”, acknowledge what you’ve learned. Imagine yourself before you started, look where you are now, give yourself a hug and…start again.

Do what it takes to love you.
Go against that loud ass voice that tells you more More MORE.
Stop and see.

ADMIRE who you are.

You don’t need to push harder.
You don’t need to reprimand yourself.
You don’t need to rub your nose in every last “failure”.

Whatever you do is more than enough.
You don’t HAVE to do a thing
everyone is elated, excited and grateful when you show up.


My final beg to guess for today:
You, yourself will be the most elated, excited and grateful when you show up for yourself.

So do what it takes.

Love, Me

Boundaries are a girl’s best friend

There’s a way to bleed your heart out that sounds pretty saintly.
You’re open and receptive and ready to comfort and support.
You’re there through thick and thin, come Hell or High Water.
You are a rock, an anchor a hold steady that any and everyone can go to to find solace, to feel good about himself, to gain insight and confidence for herself…
Of course. Of course.

Now stop.

Have you ever been playing this version of you and it seemed to backfire?
Do you have any stories about how you gave and gave and then you were left betrayed and alone?

Do you say “no”?

Because if you answered yes, yes and no/maybe sometimes, we need to talk about boundaries.

You’re heart experiences that bleed out when you give to people who aren’t there for you or, better yet, don’t even want what you’re offering.

It’s common and completely human to want to give. It’s unhealthy when you do so to be loved or liked or to fix something.

Public Service Announcement:

There is nothing you need to do to have love – no changing, no improving, hell, not even falling. It’s absolutely right there in front of you and in you and all around you when you’re checking in and choosing to love yourself.

All the time.

I promise.

When this is your practice you becomes so hyper-awake to what isn’t love that you start sending it away like Good Witch Glenda banished that Wicked Witch of the West.

No, you don’t get magical powers.

You get boundaries.


And you use them.

People don’t mean to take.
They don’t mean to overextend their welcome.
They don’t mean to clear out the cupboards.

But they will if you let them.

Think about it.

We all seek support and love from the outside at times.
We all desire that connection and assistance.
If someone offers me 100% of their listening and full-proof planning, I’d take it too.

I have in fact.
And I didn’t realize I was until I was past what I later saw I had needed to deal with MYSELF.

Because that’s the reality of support and assistance. You can only be there to prop others up and be by their side. In the end, it’s always only to soothe their experience of letting go.
You’re no savior.
You’re no fixer.
You’re no healer.
The work of healing, figuring it out or finding ease and contentment…that’s each’s own to get to in each’s own time.

Does that mean not to be there for people?
Absolutely not.

When someone ASKS you to, being there is exactly what they want. It’s your job to hear if they’re asking so as to get the push to move forward or so as to live in a cycle of complaint.
You’re only there to give them a nudge forward.

Complaint preservation?
No way.

Put that boundary UP.

(In the most supportive of ways…clearly. Simply stating that you want to see someone grow and move forward and it’s clear you’re not the assistance they need as things aren’t changing…now, that’s love, for them AND for you).

And, frankly, there’s this too…

If you’re one of those who thinks you’re here to help, whether asked or not. If you’re one of those who knows what people need and see their “problems” so clearly laid out and you are simply the ONE to fix it…

Give the people in your life boundaries to put up AGAINST you.

This is coming from a recovered fixer and from a place of ruthless compassion…

Nobody needs to be (or wants to be) fixed.

It does not matter if it “seems” like someone might “need” you. What matters is if THEY believe that you are the assistance they WANT for the things in their life that THEY actually WANT to change.
Being a superhero fixer occurs as patronizing and diminishing and breeds disconnection. It’s actually considered enabling.

Ain’t nobody learning if you’re doing it for them.

So stop.

You do you, that’s all you need to think about.

Sometimes walking away is the best love and support you can show another.

Just let it be and go dig deeper about what you’re trying to heal about yourself.

Love, Me

On clearing

Kali is my favorite goddess.
Yes, I have a favorite goddess.
Yes, she’s a Hindu goddess.
No, I’m not Hindu.
No it’s not disrespectful or sacrilegious that I wear her on a pendant around my neck.

She’s the goddess of destruction.
No, that’s not morbid.

I just acknowledged several judgments I might have had in past versions of Rachel or you might have in the current version of yourself that you’re playing on TV today.
I acknowledged them so I can ask this…

Are you willing to let go of what you think is right or wrong about picking and choosing what inspires or guides you in your life?

Are you willing to let go of the finite dogmas you may or may not have about how things are supposed to go, how you’re supposed to feel or what it is that you’re supposed to be when you grow up?

Are you willing to read this from an open and receptive space?

If not, come back to this another day.

If yes, great!

It’s time to get clear.

So this is Kali:


Look at her!

Weilding a sword, human heads hanging from her waist, a freshly beheaded dripping in one of her 8 arms (which she clearly needs to be this bas ass and diabolical). There’s fire in another hand, blood, snakes, skulls…a war in the background and this regal glowing light of a crown upon her head as she, in her blue-toned greatness DESTROYS some stuff.

She’s beautiful.

Stop it…You’re misunderstanding.

She’s beautiful because she’s the voice of reason. She’s a comic relief for all the crazy stories and evidence we put in front of ourselves that keep us from being content, fulfilled and happy, from being at ease and kind to ourselves, from going for it…the things that keep us from CREATING.

It is comic how much we all hold on to the stuff that hurts.
It is comic how we breeze over the accomplishments we have and the milestones we hit just so we can drive home that we aren’t there yet, that someone is angry with us, that we did that one thing that one time that we need to punish and neglect ourselves for for the rest of our lives.


It’s not a big Kali symbol, but it’s one that resonates in me as my own little version of Kali.

Because you have to burn that shit down.

If there is something you are unhappy with. If there is someone who never listens to you, hurts you, can’t see eye to eye with you or brings you down in any way. If you have tried and tried and just can’t ever seem to get it right…

Stop it.
Light it on fire.
Destroy it.
Let it go.

It’s holding you back.
It’s breaking your heart.
It’s ruining your life.

No I don’t mean the victimized story you have about yourself that’s ruining your life.

I mean that YOU are ruining your life!
You’re holding on to that little (or big, if you need the drama) story so that you have reason why you can’t, you shouldn’t, or you won’t.

Can’t, Shouldn’t and Won’t are not in the dictionary you use when you’re loving yourself.

They are not supporting that little warrior inside of you who is out to make it happen, is free to be whomever he or she wants and is willing to want to go for it and LIVE LIFE DEEPLY.

I took Kali on as my homegirl when I started into a nasty story I had about men.

I had a story that, no matter how hard I tried, no matter what energy I put out into the world, no matter what it was that I wanted, I had some black smudge on my forehead, some karmic punishment or some unfinished business to resolve for another that had the worst of the worst constantly coming into my space, my bed and my heart.
And it was dramatic.
And it was dangerous.
And it was not pretty.
Not pretty at all.
For about 15 years.

When I finally said “enough” about that story, I saw what was behind it.

Behind that was a story that men needed saving and I was supposed to do it because I was so great and loving and pure (despite all of the trials and tribulations I’d faced).
I was an angel sent here to show men what they were capable of and how bright and beautiful and amazing they truly are, no matter what was showing up in front of me.
I had to be that, or I wouldn’t be being true to myself.

Yeah, um, that is a recipe for a whole lot of pain, abuse, neglect and suffering.

And I had to get that I was doing all of it to myself.

So I took on Kali.

I started killing off old relationships that I hadn’t honored myself in. I did this by lighting black candles, meditating to release these people from the anger and resentment I was holding for them, calling exes up and telling them all about how I’d overcome the version of me I was before and how great I am now.

And then I got that I was pissed.
And that I was doing all of this song and dance because I wouldn’t accept that that old version of me is not the version of me that’s sitting here, typing away right now.

I had to get that each and every one of those scenarios was a moment to moment opportunity for me to say, “Thank you past experience. I’m good to go right now, you don’t need to stick around”.

And Kali brought me through.

I imagined myself wielding a sword and slashing through all the ‘not good enough’, ‘not interesting enough’, ‘not beautiful enough’, and ‘not nice enough’ to get to ME telling MYSELF “I’M NOT WORTH IT.”

I imagined myself burning all the “love” letters and journals and apologies I’d WRITTEN and get real that I’d done it to manipulate and try to win back the favor of people I should have never made it past eye contact with.

I had to get straight with myself that the men I’d chosen to do my little self-hate dance with were the men that hit on anything with a vagina. They were the men that could smell insecure and sad and “needing to be rescued” and flew after it like vultures on a carcass.

And there really isn’t anything wrong with those dudes. They aren’t evil, incarnate. They aren’t sadists. They aren’t even dangerous.
They were the men out there that just weren’t available.
And they were playing along in the game I’d asked them to play.
They showed up for rehearsal in the act of my life where I requested characters like that to give Academy Award winning performance to match mine.

I made the bed. I slept in it…with one too many tall, dark and handsome men that, now, when I think about it, I didn’t even like, let alone love.

And the most important sword to swing and the goriest head to chop off was that one inside me that said I deserved it.

It was just something I wouldn’t let go of.
I was not willing to clear the forest, burn down the house, conquer the country that was my lack of self worth.

Project: Love, Me brought me to Kali.
I needed to play Hindu and recruit her for assistance when I did.
And she’s still around my neck, just in case I feel like going willy nilly and jumping back into that familiar nightmare once again.

Because we do.
We would rather live in our misery than find our joy.
It’s terrible…and it’s true.
We’d rather be with the devil we know, than kill him off and replace him with an angel we just never thought could possibly take his place.

And it’s so inauthentic.
We are a collection of love-filled, love-emitting, love-driven beings running around a planet that we, collectively made. We built a playground sandbox to build and create in and we’d rather go sit in the kitty litter and play with the cat poop.

No we wouldn’t.

We’re just scared.

It’s fear that has us holding on, hoarding, and stacking up evidence.
It’s fear that keeps the movie on play-rewind-replay-rewind-replay.
It’s fear that robs us of what might very well be waiting right there, right outside the door. It may have been there your whole life. It just can’t get in because we have so much clutter that we can’t even wedge the door open to peak out and see.

Stop that.

Call in Kali.

Start getting destructive.
Make a clearing and

start. again.

Love, Me

I fell in love today

love is real
I fell in to love today.
I hadn’t realized that I didn’t know what it really was to fall in to love until that moment.
The moment I looked in the mirror and said I’m afraid.
I’m afraid to fail.
I’m afraid to commit myself.
I’m afraid to let go of controlling how it all will go.
I’m afraid to ask of someone else to let me see myself in him.
And I let myself be afraid.
And I saw what it looks like to be alone.
And what I had done thus far to make sure that the me I truly am was kept alone.
To be safe.
And it was dark.
And it was frightening.
And there was no one.
But me.
And I was beautiful.
I was untouched and unscathed and as calm and peaceful and free as a fairy.
And then I invited myself to come out in to the world.
And breathe in the life around me.
And to stop hiding in that dark, frightening, alone place.
And I took my hand and guided myself into the light. Into the warm, open and energetic place.
And a flood of hope and peace and care surrounded me and embraced me.
And I looked at myself.
She smiled and said ‘I love you’.
Then she melted into me and I no longer saw where who I am ended and all of this fear and aloneness began. And then I noticed that I wasn’t afraid and I wasn’t alone.
I’d accepted love as company.
And she and I, now one, opened our eyes and saw that everything around us and every one was love. Like a mirror, reflecting an untouched, unscathed, peaceful, calm and free being.
Because love doesn’t get harmed.
It is always at peace.
It is always calm.
It is always free.
And it is always there waiting patiently to be unlocked from the dark, frightening place we keep it hidden.
Fearing we might lose the one thing we can never lose.
Because we are love.
And love is free.
Free is love.
We can give it and give it and we never lose.
Because It’s all there is.
It is the source of everything.
It is the place where we begin, where we grow and we thrive and when we are gone we let it go to be in the world where we found it when we arrived.
Love is a gift we never lose.  We are free to be and use that gift whenever we choose.
It never fades.
It never dies.
So I fell into love today, right into it. In the most remarkable of places. Right there inside me and everywhere…
Wanting, asking, needing to be loved.
The most beautiful thing that we are entitled to as human beings.
No need to fear.
Just open your eyes.
Love, Me

On being ashamed

Somebody taught you that, you know?
We don’t come out into the world knowing how to feel that, how to be that.
We have to learn to be ashamed.

We show up with a clean slate, a blank canvas to paint the beautiful, the fantastical, the ugly and the grotesque.
Reason what you will, it’s not because you were or weren’t any sort of thing. It’s not because you did or didn’t do what was expected.
It’s not because you deserved to have it be that way.
It’s because it happened.
And it did happen.

Someone…or some-many decided your right and wrong, your good and bad, your acceptable and unacceptable.
It’s not anyone’s fault.
It just came at a vulnerable time.
It came when you depended on people to be there for you.
It came at a time in your wee little life where you really did need someone in order to survive the day.
Somebody had to care for you while you learned.
Somebody had to be your role model. Somebody had to give you the blueprint for how it was going to go out there…how you’d fare on your own.
And all too often, that somebody or some-many were frightened.
They were frightened because of what it was like for them
because they just never tried and much was unknown…and unknown was dangerous.

You weren’t frightened.
You were ready and excited and curious and open to learning EVERYTHING.
It was when part of that EVERYTHING became something that somebody or some-many didn’t know.

They said,
That’s wrong…
That’s bad…
that’s not acceptable”.

and you heard,
You’re wrong…
You’re bad…
You’re not acceptable”.

It’s easy to say, “don’t listen” now, but, then, you needed them. You felt you needed to listen.

Your readiness, your excitement, your curiosity, your openness…all those raw parts of who you were trying on as you for the day were not acceptable.

And then you believed,
“Who I am is not acceptable…
I am ashamed”.

Shame is beyond feeling.
It’s beyond doubting yourself.
It’s beyond getting embarrassed.
It’s beyond feeling guilty.
It’s a darkness, a wretched space where who you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to learn aren’t allowed.

You must change.
You must become.
You must let that part of what you want for YOUR own life shrivel and die to fit what’s asked or expected.

Shame shuts down a part of your heart.
It locks the door and throws away the key to a space in your being that had no chance to become.

Shame distances you.
It breaks a part of you off to float in the background, in the shadows, where you can’t even see.

Shame could ruin you.

It could.

Until you see it hasn’t.

Until you see it wasn’t even your feeling, your thought, your rule or your opinion that had shame plant, root and grow.
It wasn’t yours to begin with.

So why not send it back?

Or drop it in the nearest dumpster…maybe wait around to watch it get picked up and crushed and taken away to those places where things go that no one wants or has time for or, most often never needed to begin with.
Wave goodbye as you skip away.

You didn’t need your shame.
The you who was ready, excited, curious and open was pure and free and unadulteratedly magnificent.
The you, then, was…
The you, then IS…
right behind that waste of shame you’re holding on to.

Toss it.
Don’t litter.
Make sure to dispose properly of your waste.
We don’t want anybody else getting your sticky shame stuck to their tennis shoes.

Tell someone or some-many all about how little you found a need for it.
Thank them for caring, but you’ve got this now.
There’s no shame in being you.

It’s a shame to be frightened.
It’s a shame to be lost and worried and to teach someone your ways because you just don’t know any better.
It’s a shame to limit yourself with reasons that becoming who you are is not what this world needs.

Becoming who you are is exactly what this world needs – each and every person being uniquely herself and exploring every facet of who that possibly might be, at any given moment, any given day.

without the embarrassment.
without the guilt.
and especially,
without the shame.

You are beautiful.
Each and every thought, idea, desire, hope and dream you have is yours to have.
They are yours to learn about.
They are yours to share without a second wasted on worry.

Whatever way you want to dispose of the spaces you’re ashamed, make THAT your NEXT adventure.

Whoever you want that to be.

Love, Me

About the author

I love people.

I understand that, in a demanding, fast-paced, achievement-based world, we often lose touch with the most important person in our lives…

The one who’s living it.

I believe that that loss of touch and disregard for ourselves leads to the sadness, upset, anger and resentment we all feel from time to time and we can agree is pervasive on this planet.

I did a lot of work to find what it was that was keeping me from choosing me, taking care of myself and honoring who it is I want to be in the world


when you do the work for yourself, you realize how much everyone else deals with some version of the same things, day in and day out.

I’d like that to stop.

I’d like people to make a conscious effort, moment to moment, to take care of themselves.

I believe that nourishing yourself physically, emotionally, artistically, socially and spiritually comes first.

When you have committed to filling yourself up in all areas of life, you do what it takes to feel you have what you need.

When you’ve got yourself taken care of you’re more available, willing, open and authentic in being there to support, assist and be with others – be it family, friends, profession, hobby, or any other relatedness.

I find joy in supporting and coaching others to choose themselves, first and foremost.

That’s what I’m here to facilitate for others and that’s why I do what I do.

I am a Registered Dietitian, certified Pilates Mat and Apparatus Instructor, Health Coach, Life Coach, Writer and Healer.

As a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach I provide coaching and nutrition counseling, health and wellness overhauls, guided lifestyle change, and support around physical self-care.

As a Pilates Instructor, I provide private, in-home mat and apparatus training in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

As a Life Coach, I provide weekly coaching on goal-setting and achievement, self esteem, confidence and assertiveness. Clients come for assistance around creating life as they want it to be and removing the obstacles in the way of the having what they want.

As a writer, I author a blog and am in the process of turning that work into my first book.

As a healer, I lead private and group meditation to support centering and balance as clients take on themselves and the goals they want to achieve.

I graduated from New York University with a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition. In order to obtain the RD credential, I completed my dietetic internship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, NY. I developed a presence in the field working in clinical and counseling settings at God’s Love We Deliver and Columbus Park Collaborative, both located in Manhattan.

I have been actively involved in clinical research, am a published journal author, and have accepted appointment as Clinical Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist for Present, Chapman, Marion, Steinlauf, and Lichtiger, one of New York City’s most reknowned Gastroenterology practices and have partnered with CLAY Health Club & Spa and Ford Models.

I was certified to teach Pilates Mat and Apparatus by the Kane School of Core Integration in 2007.

I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Ontology as the basis of much of my coaching.

I’m reiki level 1 certified and…

I also have experience coaching Training and Development programs.


Rachel Harvest MS, RD, your Private Wellness Guru


On being real

Sometimes I just get up and leave.
I do.
If I don’t want to be somewhere…
If the company I’m keeping isn’t allowing for each and every one of us to step up and be the greatest version of ourselves…
If there’s a lot of complaining or gossip or stories about what is sad, rough, insurmountable, or unfair about life…
If there’s nothing but small talk, talk of the weather, job descriptions or day-to-day play-by-play…
If there’s a risk of that terrible dis-ease I’ve heard described as “being bored”…
If there’s any of this, I’m out.

If I stayed, I’d be dishonest to myself.
If I stayed, I’d be a disservice to my company.
If I stayed I’d be covering up, saving face, looking good…letting myself die off.

When you go where you want to be, you thrive…and so does your company.
Because when you’re adamant about showing up where you want to be, your company takes the hint, takes the dose of real you’re prescribing and chooses to go where they want to be too.
When you have others hold you to your highest standard and you hold them to theirs, there’s absolutely no room for self-deprecation. There’s no room for failure or fear or frustration.

All the F words are out.

Because you get how ridiculous it is to pull that low self esteem when everyone around you sees you and asks you to come out and play as the best version of you…the one they have chosen to want to be with.

When you don’t participate in complaining and gossiping and the sad sagas of life, you get that there’s a present moment to relish and a future to create. You get that you are the center of your universe. You are the leading character in the play called your life. You can’t complain because that’s a sign you’ve quit, you’ve made a good excuse, you’re not honoring what you want or who you are.

When you complain, you are in la la land creating a false world. Everything is about everything out there, outside of you, beyond your control.

What’s real is what’s now.
What’s real is how you’re experiencing right now too. If you decided to be a certain way or doing something that looks good or sounds right or seems to be what people want from you, you are operating on a made up story, a made up opinion, and manufacturing a person that doesn’t have your soul, your life-force, your power and your light.

When you’re real, you get up and leave.

You speak your mind and say what’s there.

You risk possible confrontation or losing a relationship or having your world flip upside down.
All of which are the best possible things that can ever happen.

If you’re confronted when you’re being real, you get to clean up something that may have been swept under the rug. With it there, there’s never a chance to, simply, be present. It’s always setting around, getting in the way, tarnishing an experience.

If you lose someone for speaking up, doing what you want and being who you are, good riddance.
Guilt about that Is your inner self-hater telling you “Please, don’t be you. Please, do what THEY want. Please, do what’s ‘right’. Please, be nice. Please, for the love of god, don’t go out there and prove to YOURSELF who you really are and what you’re insanely capable of.”

There’s that world flip.

When you start being real, showing up where you want to be and telling it like it is for you, you start creating what’s next…and (let me tell you) your world splits open.
The fantasies you falsely saw as a dream for another life start happening.
The nasty memories of being let down, feeling lonely, failing or wanting to be somewhere or someone else become a waste of time and precious creative energy.
There’s no place for those silly stories that things aren’t possible or you don’t deserve…or you “need” to do, to be or to have.

You don’t need to do, you don’t need be and you don’t need to have ANYTHING.

All you HAVE to do is open your eyes when you’re done sleeping and start a new day.

If you’re real, you’ll jump out of bed because the day to come is filled with all you’ve wanted to have and everywhere you’ve wanted to go with everyone you’ve wanted to have by your side.

If you’re real, you don’t have anything you “need” to do or fix or get accomplished in order to…WHATEVER.

If you’re real, you’re transparent. There’s nothing to hide.
there’s everything to share.

In that sharing you get to release all that stuff that keeps you from others. You get to allow people to contribute to that release.
You get to allow others to release what’s between them and their reality.

It’s really simple when you’re real.

It’s hilarious how hard we all work to make sure we get it right and prove ourselves to another.
If you’re real you get that there’s nothing to prove and there’s nowhere to go and there’s nothing…absolutely nothing that matters, unless you want it to.

So go be real.

Create a reality that suits your desires.
Create a day-to-day, moment-to-moment that lights you up.
Create an existence that thrives.

Because when you’re real all there is is love and you see…
you’ve got everything you need.

Love, Me

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On being (powerfully) vulnerable

Vulnerability, ah yes…vulnerability. I’ve heard so many reasons why vulnerability is not a good idea. I’ve also witnessed a great number of people who think they’re being vulnerable…
Not so.
It’s not a kind of sort of way to be. It’s an all in, all the time, open, aware, inviting and present way to be.

It’s sharing who you are.
Something amazing happens when you share yourself. You get who in your life is healthy and present enough to listen. From there, you get to let go of all the things that hurt or where you think you can’t, with those people.

And there are many.

They’re waiting for someone to speak up.

That’s why you’re being (powerfully) vulnerable. You’re the one who is giving them permission to be human too.

Get vulnerable to all those things you fear.
Get vulnerable to owning your space and having pride for who you are.
Get vulnerable enough to choose yourself over everything you listen to that you hide your light behind.

Someone else’s opinion?
Someone else’s belief?
Someone else’s fear?

Right now, writing this, is me being vulnerable to address this.

What does becoming powerfully vulnerable look like?


First, start saying how you are when people ask…for real.
“How are you?”
“Oh, how am I? Well, I’m working my butt off to make a difference for people. And I’m scared out of my mind. And I’m failing. And I’m willing myself out of bed some days and others I am so inspired and still others I think I might actually be the biggest fake to walk this planet. And I’m working through it, not matter how hard I choose to see it to be at times. Thank you so much for asking…”

That kind of sharing.

Tell people how hard you are on yourself when you’re behind closed doors.

Come clean.

Admit You have no idea what you are doing.

To the receptionist at the Doctor’s office.
To a new friend.
To possible business collaborators.

Then closer to home.
Your oldest friend.
Your boss.
Your mother.

You name it.

Practice everywhere.

Is it the best choice for your professional and personal successes at times?
Oh no.

Is it good for your sex appeal at times?
Oh no.

Do you look good at times?
Oh, hell no.

It doesn’t matter.

You get good enough at sharing what needs to be heard and supported, you could really be honest and vulnerable with EVERYONE.

YES, Even the person you just thought of that shook you in your bones.

It gets easy.

You just automatically start to do it.

Sometimes tears run down my face while I talk about my day or my dreams or my frustrations.
I don’t even care.
Sometimes people back away…or go away.
It’s all good.
I’m here holding the space for them to be able to be with how uncomfortable they feel about being vulnerable, whenever they’re ready.

In my practice of being (powerfully) vulnerable, I got something huge about life.
I got impermanence.
I got risk.

The truth is, as human beings, we can’t authentically NOT be vulnerable.
We aren’t getting out of this alive, folks.
We all have an expiration date and we are all going to fail and we are all going to lose at games we play.
There’s actually nothing that will last.
Absolutely nothing.

“Nothing gold can stay…
Stay gold, Ponyboy”
– the Outsiders.

Sorry Ponyboy, not possible.

You never know when time’s up. You’re vulnerable to your heart stopping, your love leaving, you boss firing you.
You’re vulnerable to getting lost.
You’re vulnerable to ruining a “perfect” plan.
You’re vulnerable to life, whether you choose to truly live it or hide behind yourself.
When you put yourself on the firing range you are, very well, vulnerable to being shot.

And you know what?
Do you get that?
It’s not a reason to quit and ball up or hide.
It’s actually a reasons to run and jump…and free fall.

Because you’re also vulnerable to winning and being seen as the amazing success of a human being you are.
You’re also vulnerable to being the one. The one that people are waiting for, to be there to show them the way, to open up their eyes to the MAGIC they can make in this life.
You’re also vulnerable to falling madly in love – the deepest most profound love ever experienced with someone who truly sees you for who you are…and asks you to be that person for them.

And all that can be.
If you’re not open to being vulnerable, it might be…but you won’t experience it deep in your heart.

Being (powerfully) vulnerable is saying no to another you love to preserve that “yes” you say to yourself.
It’s speaking your truth even though you might not be heard.
It’s feeling the highest highs, knowing that also means you’ll also feel the lowest lows.

And it’s worth it
Because being (powerfully) vulnerable is being alive.

Love, Me

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On being essential

When you stop listening to the noise and the people who DON’T see what you have to offer – how kind, how impressive, expressive and essential you are – you make a chasm of space.  In that chasm there’s a subtle vacuum.
Turn it up.
Let it draw in everything that honors your light and lets you shine brightly.
From that space, you get to show up and give and share yourself.
You get to contribute and enliven and WAKE PEOPLE UP.
So, what are you waiting for?
What are you afraid of?
As the writer behind this project is myself, a beautiful work in progress, positioned at this screen to inspire, let me share what owning that you are essential looks like.
First, you notice your frustration.
Then it gets louder.
Everything and everyone seems to miss you, not understand you, disregard you, not give you credit where credit is due.
You let it happen.  You listen.  You falter.  You add more frustration.
Then, one day, whatever flips the switch, flips the switch…
and you just stop.
You start dismissing people with whom, all along,  you’ve been demonstrating how essential you are and they just don’t get it.  (I say demonstrating and want you to hear that I don’t mean trying, pointing out, or demanding attention…I mean you’ve been being you and it’s gone unseen and unacknowledged).
And?  So what?  Move on.
You stop enabling.
When you find yourself interacting with someone who’s created life to be a living hell, you start to get that, for him, Satan shows up in everything that doesn’t serve the saga.
Because he’d rather be with the devil he knows that the angel he doesn’t.
He’d rather be a victim of the world than responsible for himself and his life going the way he wants it to, no matter what it takes.
Is that what your world is like?
Move on.
If you feel like somebody doesn’t feel you, guess what…you don’t feel them.  You want to be heard because you want the energy you’re putting off to CONDUCT. When you find yourself with someone who isn’t letting you shine, it’s like putting your light into a dark black hole and waiting to see the bottom.
It’s a waste of precious, powerful, living, thriving energy that, elsewhere, has the potential to make an extraordinary difference.
Move on.
Go somewhere else.
Stop trying with people who just don’t want to get it.
Can you imagine a place where everything you believed, shared, and truly wanted was supported and enabled?  Can you imagine a place where growth is unavoidable?
It exists.
It’s right there in you.
You’re just afraid to see it.
That fear has you running and banging into all those places and people where it doesn’t happen.
So stop.
Clear out the messy stuff.  The non-essential places you find yourself.
You are the life-force behind your life.
You created the world you live in, all of it, with your mind and where you choose to put your focus and what you choose to listen to and absorb.
Be picky.
Request that those around you step up.
And that they are picky too.
You’ll hear a lot more of what will make a difference for you too by giving them that space to contribute to you.
To sum that up.
Stop it.
Go be essential.
Love, Me

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To: you. Love, Me


To: You,

The amount of love you have for yourself determines the amount of love you see and experience in the world.  This site is where I’m holding the space for you to amp up that love and get that, it’s not just all you need, Love is all there really is.

Project: Love, Me

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Love, Me