On being essential

When you stop listening to the noise and the people who DON’T see what you have to offer – how kind, how impressive, expressive and essential you are – you make a chasm of space.  In that chasm there’s a subtle vacuum.
Turn it up.
Let it draw in everything that honors your light and lets you shine brightly.
From that space, you get to show up and give and share yourself.
You get to contribute and enliven and WAKE PEOPLE UP.
So, what are you waiting for?
What are you afraid of?
As the writer behind this project is myself, a beautiful work in progress, positioned at this screen to inspire, let me share what owning that you are essential looks like.
First, you notice your frustration.
Then it gets louder.
Everything and everyone seems to miss you, not understand you, disregard you, not give you credit where credit is due.
You let it happen.  You listen.  You falter.  You add more frustration.
Then, one day, whatever flips the switch, flips the switch…
and you just stop.
You start dismissing people with whom, all along,  you’ve been demonstrating how essential you are and they just don’t get it.  (I say demonstrating and want you to hear that I don’t mean trying, pointing out, or demanding attention…I mean you’ve been being you and it’s gone unseen and unacknowledged).
And?  So what?  Move on.
You stop enabling.
When you find yourself interacting with someone who’s created life to be a living hell, you start to get that, for him, Satan shows up in everything that doesn’t serve the saga.
Because he’d rather be with the devil he knows that the angel he doesn’t.
He’d rather be a victim of the world than responsible for himself and his life going the way he wants it to, no matter what it takes.
Is that what your world is like?
Move on.
If you feel like somebody doesn’t feel you, guess what…you don’t feel them.  You want to be heard because you want the energy you’re putting off to CONDUCT. When you find yourself with someone who isn’t letting you shine, it’s like putting your light into a dark black hole and waiting to see the bottom.
It’s a waste of precious, powerful, living, thriving energy that, elsewhere, has the potential to make an extraordinary difference.
Move on.
Go somewhere else.
Stop trying with people who just don’t want to get it.
Can you imagine a place where everything you believed, shared, and truly wanted was supported and enabled?  Can you imagine a place where growth is unavoidable?
It exists.
It’s right there in you.
You’re just afraid to see it.
That fear has you running and banging into all those places and people where it doesn’t happen.
So stop.
Clear out the messy stuff.  The non-essential places you find yourself.
You are the life-force behind your life.
You created the world you live in, all of it, with your mind and where you choose to put your focus and what you choose to listen to and absorb.
Be picky.
Request that those around you step up.
And that they are picky too.
You’ll hear a lot more of what will make a difference for you too by giving them that space to contribute to you.
To sum that up.
Stop it.
Go be essential.
Love, Me

Check out me, who I am, what I’m about and what I do at http://www.privatewellness.guru

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