On being real

Sometimes I just get up and leave.
I do.
If I don’t want to be somewhere…
If the company I’m keeping isn’t allowing for each and every one of us to step up and be the greatest version of ourselves…
If there’s a lot of complaining or gossip or stories about what is sad, rough, insurmountable, or unfair about life…
If there’s nothing but small talk, talk of the weather, job descriptions or day-to-day play-by-play…
If there’s a risk of that terrible dis-ease I’ve heard described as “being bored”…
If there’s any of this, I’m out.

If I stayed, I’d be dishonest to myself.
If I stayed, I’d be a disservice to my company.
If I stayed I’d be covering up, saving face, looking good…letting myself die off.

When you go where you want to be, you thrive…and so does your company.
Because when you’re adamant about showing up where you want to be, your company takes the hint, takes the dose of real you’re prescribing and chooses to go where they want to be too.
When you have others hold you to your highest standard and you hold them to theirs, there’s absolutely no room for self-deprecation. There’s no room for failure or fear or frustration.

All the F words are out.

Because you get how ridiculous it is to pull that low self esteem when everyone around you sees you and asks you to come out and play as the best version of you…the one they have chosen to want to be with.

When you don’t participate in complaining and gossiping and the sad sagas of life, you get that there’s a present moment to relish and a future to create. You get that you are the center of your universe. You are the leading character in the play called your life. You can’t complain because that’s a sign you’ve quit, you’ve made a good excuse, you’re not honoring what you want or who you are.

When you complain, you are in la la land creating a false world. Everything is about everything out there, outside of you, beyond your control.

What’s real is what’s now.
What’s real is how you’re experiencing right now too. If you decided to be a certain way or doing something that looks good or sounds right or seems to be what people want from you, you are operating on a made up story, a made up opinion, and manufacturing a person that doesn’t have your soul, your life-force, your power and your light.

When you’re real, you get up and leave.

You speak your mind and say what’s there.

You risk possible confrontation or losing a relationship or having your world flip upside down.
All of which are the best possible things that can ever happen.

If you’re confronted when you’re being real, you get to clean up something that may have been swept under the rug. With it there, there’s never a chance to, simply, be present. It’s always setting around, getting in the way, tarnishing an experience.

If you lose someone for speaking up, doing what you want and being who you are, good riddance.
Guilt about that Is your inner self-hater telling you “Please, don’t be you. Please, do what THEY want. Please, do what’s ‘right’. Please, be nice. Please, for the love of god, don’t go out there and prove to YOURSELF who you really are and what you’re insanely capable of.”

There’s that world flip.

When you start being real, showing up where you want to be and telling it like it is for you, you start creating what’s next…and (let me tell you) your world splits open.
The fantasies you falsely saw as a dream for another life start happening.
The nasty memories of being let down, feeling lonely, failing or wanting to be somewhere or someone else become a waste of time and precious creative energy.
There’s no place for those silly stories that things aren’t possible or you don’t deserve…or you “need” to do, to be or to have.

You don’t need to do, you don’t need be and you don’t need to have ANYTHING.

All you HAVE to do is open your eyes when you’re done sleeping and start a new day.

If you’re real, you’ll jump out of bed because the day to come is filled with all you’ve wanted to have and everywhere you’ve wanted to go with everyone you’ve wanted to have by your side.

If you’re real, you don’t have anything you “need” to do or fix or get accomplished in order to…WHATEVER.

If you’re real, you’re transparent. There’s nothing to hide.
there’s everything to share.

In that sharing you get to release all that stuff that keeps you from others. You get to allow people to contribute to that release.
You get to allow others to release what’s between them and their reality.

It’s really simple when you’re real.

It’s hilarious how hard we all work to make sure we get it right and prove ourselves to another.
If you’re real you get that there’s nothing to prove and there’s nowhere to go and there’s nothing…absolutely nothing that matters, unless you want it to.

So go be real.

Create a reality that suits your desires.
Create a day-to-day, moment-to-moment that lights you up.
Create an existence that thrives.

Because when you’re real all there is is love and you see…
you’ve got everything you need.

Love, Me

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