On being brave

It’s human to fear. Whether it’s your own experience, witnessing the experience of another or listening to your vivid imagination, generating fears is part of the everyday of life.
It’s when you don’t acknowledge fears or you violently deny them that your world shrinks.

Denial comes from a greater sense of fear.

It’s from choosing to stay in the places where things don’t work.
It’s from choosing to stay in places where you get hurt.
It’s from choosing to stay living in suffering.

It seems easier to just live with it.

It seems easier to keep yourself from what’s possible than to go somewhere where the experiences you LONG for, the sense of ease in connection and love and the openness of your heart exists.

That greater sense of fear is misunderstanding.

It’s hoping for something outside of you to heal your wounds, to build you up and to allow you to be who you truly are, in the face of whatever happens.

It’s wanting to be accepted and loved so you can accept and love yourself.
It’s wanting to fit in, gain approval and feel safe.

It’s all coming from an unknown, from an idea that you need to be a certain way and have certain things or meet certain standards…standards that you chose to believe…that you decided were standards for yourself. You set those standards for you…in your own heart…deep down under that fear.

It’s when you choose to be brave that you see things differently.

That’s when you can go to those unknown places.

You have this notion that those places are dark and frightening.
They can be.
They can also be light and bright and beautiful.
That’s just a matter of what you choose to focus on.

Being brave let’s you go out on a limb. It let’s you reach for something, no matter how your heart pounds or your throat closes or how heavily the tears fall down your face.
It’s saying ‘yes’ to yourself while all those you used to look to for guidance and support say ‘no’.
It’s saying ‘yes’ to yourself and the ‘no’ to people who are really important to you…because what you want just isn’t what they want.
It’s letting others’ opinions be expressed without making them right or wrong,
better yet,
without making yourself right or wrong.

No one is living the same life you are.

No one has the same design and desire and dreams.

That’s special, only to you.

Everyone has a desire to fulfill on his or her own life and address the places within that feel stale or unheard or lost or broken.

The truth is, it’s just a desire.

Fulfilled or not, YOU can still be fulfilled and happy and confident and whole because you are, naturally.

There’s a difference between knowing this to be true and living from that truth in every moment.

To think you’ll live it in every moment is silly.
You’re human.
There’s beauty in every pain and much as in every joy.
It’s worth the experience of it all.

So, when those moments where you feel shaky because you’re about to go for it, where you want to cry because you let yourself love and open up and be free and it didn’t work out the way you’d hoped, where you spoke your deepest hopes and dreams and they fell dull on deaf ears…
all those times, you get the chance to be brave.

You get to stop and see what you wanted to fill.
You get to stop and see what you might not have known you thought was missing.
You get to stop and soothe and love yourself for dreaming.
You get to heal
and then,
You get to start a new dream.

Being brave opens your eyes to a whole new life filled with joy and opportunity and creativity.
It lets you be free and courageous in seeing it through…in finding yourself.
It gives you the space to fail and get right back up.
It shows you how worth it this life really is.
It lets you feel.
And with feeling you’re ready.

you feel love.