To myself (yourself)

she was being true
To myself (yourself), Little fairy,
I’m (you’re) writing you (me), a love letter today. I’m (You’re) writing to you (me) because, I (You) forget to tell you (me) most days that, I’m (You’re) absolutely in love with you (me).
I (You) love that you (I) are (am) small and mighty, a presence that always closes the circle.
You (I) are (am) welcome and loved everywhere you (I) go.
You (I) radiate.
You (I) sing.
You (I) cry tears that show it’s well and good to share and what kind of power there is in being vulnerable.
It doesn’t matter if that’s not what everyone can do.  You (I) can and you (I) do.
You (I) breathe.
You (I) move gently.
You (I) float into a smile.
You (I) let your (my) heart be open and you (I) heal yourself (myself).
You (I) listen for the music and when you (I) get far away, you (I) listen harder to find your (my) way back.
You (I) sit where you (I) are (am) as best you (I) can and go to walk if you (I) need to…alone.
You (I) ask for help when you (I) need it. You (I) are (am) generous with your (my) giving and receiving. Sometimes you (I) can ask anyone and sometimes you (I) choose a specific helper to call on.
They always come.
You (I) know who people are.
You (I) never have to apologize, and you (I) do to be sure that I (you) am (are) calm, at ease, safe and sound.
I’m (you’re) not the nicest to you (me) a lot of the time.  It makes sense, you’re (I’m) not going anywhere. You (I) will always patiently get through with me (you).  I (you) still shouldn’t treat you (me) like that.
I (You) never have to worry you’ll (I’ll) leave.
We will always be together.
You (I) will never be alone.
I (you) will protect you (me) and always let you (me) be you (me). I (you) promise to honor and respect whomever that is and whatever she needs.
Goodnight my beautiful fairy.
Love, me (you)
 heart cascade