On auditioning

I’m cutting right to the chase today. Project: Love, Me calls for a serious assessment of your inner circle. In being who you are, sharing your truth and growing your confidence, expression and commitment to your amazing self, you gotta get straight about who you have on your team.
When I started deliberate, focused action in creating an abundance of love, prosperity, respect and honor for myself, I hit a hard truth. 99% of the people I had in my innermost circle did not love and accept me fully. They weren’t present to prop me up and have me prosper and they definitely did not honor and respect me.

I know you want to believe everyone is as amazing and full of life as you are. Deep down, underneath, they are. Every last human being IS love and honor and respect and completely free to be for themselves and others.

Reality check: they are that. And, if they aren’t aware or doing anything to clear what’s in the way of that expressing (AKA, doing their own project: love,me), those qualities are very deeply buried and very much NOT expressed.

And, you know what you gotta do?

Cut them out.

Make the request.
Share what you’re up to.
Tell everyone you want in your inner circle that you are creating a life where you are confident and beautiful and shining SO BRIGHTLY.

And then, listen to their response.

Their response is their audition.


Here’s the deal: you are amazing.

You are so committed and dedicated and open hearted and true.
You are a catch.
You are a HUGE catch.
It is a PRIVILEGE for those with whom you walk side by side to be at your side.

Get that.

If anyone responds to you in any way that doesn’t show love and acceptance. If they aren’t present to prop you up and have you prosper and they don’t see the need to honor and respect and cherish you for the priceless human you are (and all humans are), the biggest favor you can do for them is ask them to step out of line, return their number and go back into the sea of people who aren’t cut out for the part.

The ones who give you the love you deserve are the ones who get the part. They succeed in their audition and then, and ONLY then, do you let them into your inner circle.

When I got really clear about this I made a couple of lists.
One is my “homegirls”.
One is my “awesome men”.
And the final is the “Family I MAKE”.

My “Homegirls”

I wrote the names of the women in my life who absolutely accept, love, respect and honor me (and, don’t let me step over this: I absolutely love, respect and honor as well…I think┬áthat’s a given, and I get that it might need to be said).

I wrote the names of the men in my life who get how amazing I am (and I, in turn, see that amazing-ness in. Again, needs to be said).

And I set the intention that these lists are going to grow and grow and grow, day in and day out.

Not because I’ll just start accepting the mediocre talent. Because I will demand the standard of awesome in each and every encounter…so as to say, in every audition.

And each and every, myself included, reauditions. We are constantly at work to be present, to love ourselves and, therefrom, love eachother.

We get that love is the work of life.

And we are doing the work.

Which brings me to why I made these lists…to put into existence the third.

This clearing out and letting those who fit the role into my inner circle makes the third list possible.

My “Family I Make”
This is the partner I choose to spend my remaining days with. It’s the one who commits to be my innermost circle and create a family with the same commitment.

That can’t happen without this auditioning process. It can’t happen for me or for you unless you get real with yourself about the company you keep.

So, start auditioning, and fire those in your current cast that just aren’t selling out the show.

It’s your life. Make it about love.

Love, me