I am Aphrodite

Take on your inspiration.
Yes, take it on.

Live in the space that you ARE what you’re inspired by.
In doing what it takes to honor my inner light and let it shine shine shine to allow for you to honor yours, I made the practice of taking on my inspiration a must. It is absolutely necessary that I am Aphrodite.

I’ve shared here with you what that process looked like while I deconstructed what was in my way.
Remember Kali?

Well, I’m still Kali too.
I’m still destructing anything that isn’t love.
I’m still going into battle to remove everything that doesn’t serve the loving being that I am.

And it’s great.
Dare I say, it’s even become fun…even in the moments when I stop and say, “people might think you’re a little crazy right now”.

Yeah, they might.

Let them
Let them go around saying that and staying in their space where they use “crazy” to describe pessimism, regret, and resentment. They’ll get where they need to to see what’s possible and when they chiles to accept and to forgive.
However that happens for them…not my business.

I’m in the business of love.

So I took on a new goddess of inspiration.

Enter Aphrodite.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.
She is love love love…all the time love. She even loved when Zeus had her marry ugly, disfigured and disempowered Hephaestus.
Zeus was so afraid of her beauty he tried to pair her off with a man who he didn’t see as a threat. He thought, “There is no way she’s going to keep being love and beauty and pleasure and baby making with that guy.”
Boy was he wrong.
Zeus…the king of the gods was AFRAID a of how powerful her love was.
Rightfully so, because love is the most powerful force ever created and Zeus had an agenda. He wanted to be the “it” god. He didn’t want a woman coming in there, taking over.
Zeus saw a threat because he didn’t trust his power and he didn’t love himself.
So, what happened?
Zeus self fulfilled that goddess fearing prophecy.
Hephaestus was so grateful for Aphrodite’s love that he showered her with everything she ever asked for and, he saw that one of those things was sharing her love. He encouraged and supported Aphrodite to spread her love and enjoy many lovers and, make a million love-filled baby gods and goddesses.
And you know what?
Some of those lovers Aphrodite enjoyed were humans and from that, Aphrodite gave the godly power of love to the human race.

Take that Zeus.

And thanks! That’s what you created. Out of godly fear, love was possible in this world.

Way to go Aphrodite.
That’s some real love.
No matter what, Aphrodite is so full of love that she is love. She gives it away and that giving empowers it further. She gives it to others to continue the giving and continue healing all the places we create that love just isn’t present.
She can’t be stopped.
She’s eternal and she created the cycle of love eternal here on earth.

It’s a silly story that this world is missing love. Love is just hiding behind fear.
And that fear is self created simply because some people have NO idea what it’s like to experience full-on, hardcore, love, appreciation, acceptance and forgiveness.

And when they figure out that what they don’t know is the key to everything, well, come on…you know what’s next. They turn the key.

Taking on the inspiration of Aphrodite lets me share here and everywhere what it looks like and feels like to be love.
To accept everything and anything as it is and as it is not.
To create in every scenario.
To let go of how it’s been or how it can’t be.
To love from the place that anything is possible and the partnerships and communities we create in our lives make all of that effortless.

Taking on Aphrodite is like starting a pandemic of love.


That’s pretty awesome.

And Zeus will show up.
He’s not using his love power though so, you’ll notice him less and less.
And then, one day, Zeus will even give in and start loving the hell out of Everything.
It’s that simple.

And while you’re transitioning into being love, keep Kali around. She’ll destroy that stuff that would allow you to see Zeus’ fear as the reason you didn’t.
Those aren’t your fears.
You are fearless.

Because love is fearless and you and I are Aphrodite, goddess of love.

❤️, me


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