Love looks…

Love looks like two hearts meeting accepting supporting and growing bigger and stronger and more alive in every passing moment.

Love looks like freely giving and opening up to a side of myself that was otherwise quiet and yearning to express itself.

Love looks like honoring myself and, therefrom, honoring another. It looks like allowing for another to be who they are. At times, walking the path of life side by side, a little ahead, and sometimes, a bit behind. Honoring love is accepting that eventually, each…even the deepest of encounters, moves its separate way.

It’s when we complete our walk with another that the paths split. We are never following. We are never leaving. We are, simply, moving.
There are encounters in love that can feel painful. They aren’t. They are merely stopping points for each to get a little more aware of what is me, what is you and what each wants to achieve, become, or settle into in this life.
Understanding and forgiving that a journey with one ends allows movement.
I say forgiving because the story we create as to why is never truly what happens. It’s just what we create as a happening so we can stand still and make ourselves stop for the fear of an unknown future.
Standing and waiting and carrying on for he or she of they to return, take your hand and guide you just isn’t what happens in this life.
We are all connected. That is certain. We are not, by choice and our inner fire, tied to being together.
So walk.
Move forward.
Forgive and grow.
Each experience teaches us and lets us see that there’s not much more to life than traveling along.
There’s no stillness in the ever expanding universe. Move on to glide along in the flow.
Love openly, freely, faithfully and deeply. Begin with your ever traveling partner – yourself. Once you find it in yourself and honor your own heart, you can appreciate the travelers with, no matter how long or short your journeys together.

❤️, me

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