On being easy

It’s a typical day in the neighborhood when we start off with the list of what’s to be done, where we need to be and how we need to show up. It’s when that list is accompanied by anxiety, judgement and worry that we self sabotage our way into a difficult day.
You’re up to something – say it’s big, say it’s small, define what that something is in whatever way that has you smile and let it be easy breezy.
The difficulties we face in this life are self created and/or co-created with the individuals we surround ourselves with.
Life really isn’t difficult.
Some days we need to bow out of the commitments we’ve made.
There’s nothing wrong with that.
There’s really nothing wrong with anything.
To start a conversation of failure or ridicule with yourself only adds to the difficulty and pushing yourself to be able when you just aren’t is a simple recipe for disaster.


Create days that have commitments to others and balance with commitments to yourself.

You only get this time, this body, this ability.
The more time you spend berating yourself for not being able or feeling fatigued and worn out, the less time you have to arrive and be the person you and others know yourself to be.
Let go of having to do anything.
Recreate yourself as someone who just does, is and makes it all easy.

❤️, me

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