On owning your fire

Here’s today’s loving spoonful for you:

Spit fire.

That’s not to say be angry and resentful.
It’s to say own the fact that you have a raging, burning, negative energy clearing flame in you that has every right to torch whatever shows up in your way.
You know who you are.
You know how you feel.
You know how you want and deserve to be treated.

ANYTHING that’s not in agreement with that, light it up.

Speak your mind.
Show up and level the forest.

This is all coming from acknowledging that little voice inside of you that says “but, I don’t want anyone’s feelings to be hurt. I don’t want anyone to dislike me. I don’t want to be someone people spite or resent.”

PSA: there are people in this world that, for whatever reason they create for themselves, will not like you.

Gooooooood! Great! Awesome! Spectacular!

If you’re you, you don’t fit in everywhere. You don’t get the most popular vote with everyone.

You stand out – and the people who can roll with the heat of your flame, those are the ones who sing your praise. They’re also the ones who will have your back when you ask for it.

The haters? Not so much. They’re too busy discharging blame, concocting resentment and finding ways to not be responsible for themselves.

Your back they have not.

So light up any concern you make that mean about you, boo.
That’s time a wastin’ on nothing that’ll have you being something.

And thank your naysayers, really.

If you listen to them, you aren’t ready to really be your bad ass self. There’s still work to be done. When they show up and you flick their judgments into a passing bonfire you know…you’re ready.
Ready to blow this world up with your fire.

And you see, simply, you haven’t the time to listen to anything that isn’t a plan to be your amazing self.

❤️, me

Classy Woman at hell's door

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