On feeling it all.

Fall in love with starting again.

Don’t let your fear of it ending, messing up, looking bad or being hurt keep you from starting.

If life was about the glory of success, we’d be content and stop when we had a successful experience.

Life’s about experiences. Period.
Experience deeply.

Wins/losses success/failures – no matter.
It’s the getting back up and starting again, no matter what, that has us truly living.

Be with how it feels when things don’t go your way.
Feel it.
Honor the lessons.
Look for the opportunities.
Every moment is a new chance.
Why waste a single second mulling over the chances you’re afraid to take?

Take them.

I have had quite a few experiences in my life where people I love and can often count on shrink back in fear. They watch me go for it, fail and then, I emotionally erupt.
I feel the pain.
I feel the anger.
I feel the injustice, the upset, the unfairness, the remorse.
I feel it all.


And then, I let it go.
There’s always those hangover moments or hours or occasionally days that I feel energy lost, a nap needed and sense of overwhelm. That’s the afterGLOW.
The sense of release.
That lull is a GREAT thing.
It’s the experience of the void of a space that was once filled with sticky icky stagnant life cracking open, completely empty, to be filled with whatever you want.

And it can be scary to others…even those that are often the most confident in your strength, when they watch you feel.

Feel anyway.

Give yourself permission to let it all out and let it all go.
When you “kinda sorta” feel or you claim not to be “a feeler” or you actually judge and STOP yourself from feeling, you cause a trauma.

Yep, it sticks to your ribs, your gut, the place deep inside your heart.
You snapshot those moments of release and make them saddened, weighted energy fields in your body.
You disconnect.
You build a wall.
You stop.

You gotta let it rip.

You gotta let yourself be an absolute fucking mess.

You gotta get that THAT is growth.

Does it mean you’ll learn to stop feeling so deeply?

Nope. Not at all.

And, you’ll learn to feel, release and return to equilibrium quickly.
Does this startle a “non-feeler” even more?
This shift from explosive and present to the pain (or the joy…all feelings…ALL OF THEM) to a resolution to status quo?

To someone who’s emotions are withheld and there are many fields of stuckness within, witnessing this type of expression is one of the most frightening things imaginable.

Keep it up.

You’re giving them permission. Permission to go past their own fear and feel.

They aren’t getting that permission anywhere else.

And being able to feel it all is the utmost expression of health.

So, come on —live a little.

Feel it. Share it. Release it.

And start again.

❤️, me

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